It is necessary to pay attention that the consulate can also demand the additional confirmations concerning the identity of the foreigner or the purpose of the trip to Russia, for example: booking confirmation from a hotel, the income statement, the guaranty letter and constituent documents of the receiving Russian company, etc. Depending on the purpose of stay in Russia you may need one of the following invitations:


Visit purpose Visa validity period Necessary documents Period of processing
Business: for participation in negotaitions, exhibitions, seminars до 1 года questionnaire for the invitation, the agreement, the foreigner's passport copy, the letter- explaining the visit purpose on the letterhead of the inviting organization from 4 to 32 working days
Private: visiting relatives and  acquaintances up to 3 months the petition of 1 p., 2 p., the agreement, the foreigner's passport copy, the passport copy of the inviting person, work statement of the inviting person, the state duty 30-32 working days
Tourist: tourism, business tourism up to  1 months questionnaire for the invitation, the agreement, the foreigner's passport copy, hotel booking confirmaton (for the term of more than 2 weeks of confirmation of 100% of payment of the hotel for the entire period) ordered trip 1hour-3- working days
Work: work for hire on the territory of the Russian Federation   up to 3 months with the subsequent prolongation in Russia regular documents, we do not provide assistance for getting this type of the invitation OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL MIGRATION SERVICE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION


On entering the Russian Federation, the foreigner needs to be checked-in within 7 days in the place of stay. For this purpose the owner of the apartment where the foreigner is staying, should fill in the notification in the district migration service (passport office), and also to show the passport, the copy of the foreigner's passport, the migration card received at a border check point

It is important to know: According to the legislation of the Russian Federation the maximum period of stay of foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation should not exceed 180 days in a year. The Russian visa cannot be prolonged! • The foreign citizen should be checked-in within the first 7 days after arrival in Russia. Responsibility for not issued visa in the event of correctly issued invitation is born by the foreign citizen. Documents and data necessary for the tourist invitation for a foreign citizen:

1. Scanned copy of the passport.

2. Dates of stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.

3. The list of the cities for visit in the Russian Federation and a hotel booking.

Documents and data necessary for the business invitation for a foreign citizen:

Scanned copy of the passport.

Dates of stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The list of the cities for visit in the Russian Federation.

The filled in questionnaire.


Where to file documents

Traditionally to get the visa one may personally file the documents to the Russian consulate. In a number of countries it is necessary to book an appointment. It is possible to file documents for the visa also via the Russian Federation visa center if there is one in your country. In different countries documents are accepted by the visa centers of different companies. For example, in Great Britain, Finland and South Korea the Russian visa centers are serviced by the VFS company, in a number of European countries - the VHS firm, in the USA - ILS USA is engaged in it. The detailed list is on the website of Consular service of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Visa charges

Charges for the visa issue vary depending on the country of application, type of the visa and urgency of issue. As a rule, the consular fee corresponds to the similar fee set by this or that country for visas for Russians. For example, to get not urgent single or double visa for the USA citizens the fee in the amount of 0 is fixed, whereas for citizens of the European Union countries it makes €35


It is obligatory to have accident insurance for entry into Russia, there is a risk of not getting the visa without it. If you come from the visa-free country, the insurance is required anyway. Usually such insurance for travelers should cover expenses on treatment for not less than €30 thousand.

The standard insurance includes medical expenses on out-patient or indoor treatment, expenses on emergency dental help and medical transport, and also transportation expenses on return of children home if their relative was hospitalized or died. You should carry the insurance policy with you, it will let you or the physicians at occurrence of force majeur circumstances quickly contact insurance company and solve financial problems. The obligatory general emergency medical service is available in Russia, in case of emergency call 112 (uniform phone of emergency services) or 103 for emergency medical service. You will receive qualified help, and if necessary - will be taken to hospital.

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